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Zoo Keeper for a Week by Ndhego J.W. Zikusoka


I really did this!

This is a true story – it really happened to me – January 2018.

I donned the uniform of a zookeeper for a week in Entebbe, Uganda!

I was 13 then, but what an experience. So if you are interested in adventure then this meaty experience is perfect for you. Come join me as we dive into behind-the-scenes action into the life of a zookeeper at Entebbe Zoo. Don’t forget to grab some fun facts along the way. Be careful for danger awaits you and good luck because you’re going to need it.

About the author

Hello, my name is Ndhego Zikusoka the author of the children’s book Zoo Keeper For A Week. Get ready to dive into great fun and adventure. Be sure to tell others and spread the excitement. Thank you and please enjoy.

Published, Printed & Bound in Uganda

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